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Fitness Classes

Our wide range of classes at Leisurezone means you’re able to keep your exercise plan varied and fun and we know that’s the key to you staying fit and healthy in the long term.

No matter what your fitness level, age or ability we have something in our programme to suit your needs. We’ll motivate you to keep challenging yourself but at your own level and pace.

Our studio instructors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and approachable and each qualified in their specific class type. You’ll soon feel comfortable and confident with working out.

Choosing to workout in a fitness class can be a really motivating experience and whether you bring a friend or exercise on your own, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make firm friends!

There are loads of classes to choose from at Leisurezone, each with very specific benefits:

High energy classes

Dance classes

Toning classes

Holistic classes

Active Retired Classes

Get your heart pumping to burn calories and boost fitness, fast!

Feel the rhythm and dance. A fab way to workout, almost without knowing it!

Reshape your body and target specific areas

Improve balance, suppleness and flexibility and to relieve stress

Classes designed to help improve mobility and flexibility
to aid improvement in quality of life as well as make new friends

If you’re wondering what will work best for you, please pay us a visit where one of our instructors will be happy to advise you.

May 25th Bank Holiday Timetable

Spinning 09.30 Spin Studio

Circuits 10:30  Tennis Court One

Body Balance  10.45  Studio Two

Body Pump  11:30 Studio One

Zumba Gold  12.00   Studio Two

Class Timetable

To discover our wide range of excellent fitness classes, with something for all ages and abilities, please download our Class Timetable

Try Something New

Ever fancied trying a Spinning Class but not quite plucked up courage? Well now you can with our new eSpinners! There's a virtual instructor that will motivate you through the class and you can choose the time you start. Go on. Give it a go!


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