dedicated space for you to sculpt your body

The Strength and Conditioning space at Harlow Leisurezone provides a high performance suite of equipment for toning and sculpting your body. Suitable for novices, right up to the elite athlete that wishes to achieve optimum performance for sport.

Strength and power are crucial to success for most athletes and are also key to supporting our bodies, strengthening core muscles and preventing injury in daily life. 


Harlow Leisurezone has the latest plate loaded Pure strength equipment from Technogym. This equipment is built to address the needs of professionals and aspiring athletes alike.

Our equipment offers you the freedom, versatility and challenge of free weights within a safe fixed trajectory.
Your training choice with us includes plate-loaded machines, racks, lifting platforms and wide range of benches and free weights to maximise your training.

Personal Training Session

personal training

Our Personal Trainers can help you to  improve your speed, agility, strength and explosiveness, for daily life or for sporting excellence.

 Advice on correct exercise and lifting techniques can be invaluable in preventing injury and ensuring optimum results.

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