Urban Limitz Trampoline Adventure Park

Urban Limitz parties include 1 hour in the trampoline adventure park and ½ hour in the park room with food included.

Cost£17.40 per head (includes socks)
For children aged 6 & 7, a ratio of 1 adult per 3 children is required.

For more information or to book a party please call 01279 621502.

Cold Option

½ Cheese and ½ Ham Roll per child
Margherita Pizza Slice (2 per child)
Cocktail Sausage (3 per child)
Crisp Platter
Ice Cream
Jugs of orange and blackcurrant squash
(Additional refills £1 per jug)

Hot Option

Chicken Goujon (3 per child) - served with Fries
Hot Dog (1 per child) - served with Fries
Macaroni Cheese (1 portion per child)
Margherita Pizza (2 slices per child)
Ice Cream Tub
Jugs of orange and blackcurrant squash
(Additional refills £1 per jug)


A pick and mix menu to personalise your special day.
Large crisp platter £4.95 Serves 10
Large salad platter £4.95 Serves 10
Carrot Sticks, Cucumber Sticks, Pepper Sticks
Large french fry platter £5.65 Serves 10
Large fresh fruit platter £6.95 Serves 10
Sliced Melon, Sliced Oranges, Cut Grapes
Some dishes may contain nut traces or other allergens.
We cater for vegetarians and other dietary requirements.
Please contact a member of the catering team to discuss on 01279 412281